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WP Schema Pro v2.5.1 WP Schema Pro – Add Schema With Out Writing Codes Free Download 2.5.1 Nulled – wpschema | WP Schema Pro v2.5.1 – Add Schema With Out Writing Codes is perfect and most demanded Schema Plugin to showcase your products in a trending way to Google Search Results for your customers. It’s no longer a challenge to build a schema markup! You can set up a markup in minutes by simply clicking and selecting the GUI. You automatically use all the markup settings you set for all pages and posts selected. Outperform Your Competitors in Search Engines Other details such as feedback, scores, time and so forth can distinguish your snipet. Positive content, including ratings and votes, invites users to visit your website. You get total freedom to use it on all kinds of posts on your website with a wide number of scheme types. Article & Pages The search results can be improved by structured markups for the news, blog or article page. You can use the article scheme markup to add more details and create a better snippet which gives a simple picture about your article, whether you are a blogger or an author contributing News and Posts. Recipe / Food Blog You have a website with recipes and tips for cooking or a blog that publishes your handcrafted products?? You have the Recipe Schema Markup! You can add fields such as Ingredients, Cooking Time, etc. so that before you open your tab, users know some bit about tit-bit. Schema Review Markup To attract users and show them your happy face, use the schema markup. Local Business A schematic marking for a local company helps you to construct an enticing marking that shows additional details in search results. Do you own a restaurant, dental clinic, a doctor’s office, a hospital, a food shop, a lounge, etc.? That’s for you! You can set a local corporate markup with Schema Pro within minutes. Book Review Online books are also hunted by users. Attractive schematic flags facilitate the discovery of books and authors in the search results for users. As an eBook publisher, you will be able to create a relative book markup to enable users to buy directly after the search results have been found. Product & Service Reviews Your product will shine the other results of search engines, like all other products. The product schema markup is everything you have to do. You can build certain schedule markups for eCommerce, if you own an eCommerce website, or if you are a producer company, to display items, feedback and prices to the correct public on the page. Events Do you host a Free Salsa course or a race for drawing? You may use a scheme to arrange data so that the search results show your case. Regardless of the case, this markup can be used to attract users to locate and to attend the event too! FAQ Pages Does your website have a FAQ section? This will deal with common user questions. If indeed, it could be really useful. FAQs can assist users in pre-selling questions, product functionality, application queries etc. Well, sales will increase with formatted FAQs. You may use Schema Pro for FAQ schema boxes on 4 steps of FAQ pages. This helps to display FAQs as they are in results of quest. Software Application Are you a developer of software? Use schema markups to display their information in search results for your software applications. Features such as price and reviews can help you attract customers. Video Object You can use the schematic marking of video objects to attract users with fast video content.

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